What's included


things that make
a big difference

We’re not going to itemize the long list of attributes a professional site should include; we’ll let our competitors do that. Instead, we’d like to show you the premium services and advanced features that are included as standard components with each of our exceptional solutions.

Site architecture

How you position your offerings, value propositions, and differentiators matters. Because your site needs to align your messaging objectives with the information your prospects seek, organizing and mapping content flow is key. Our Site Architecture process starts with an open conversation about what your company does, what unique value it delivers to clients, and how it stands apart from others in the space. With this perspective, our firm recommends how your site should be structured and what information logic it should follow. A project Site Map is generated, shared with you, and followed throughout the development effort.

Rich development

The web is drowning in cookie-cutter, unimaginative, and lifeless sites. To inspire prospects, move minds, and deliver results a site needs to feel alive. Rich development is how we make it happen. RD is not an idea or buzzword, it’s a process. It’s the extraordinary effort we dedicate to meticulously craft every visual component and obsessively attended to every detail. After all, a quality website is a sum of its parts; carefully crafted design components that come together in a way that will simply amaze you.

responsive design

Beyond responsive design

When your site is built with remarkable creative assets the last thing you want is for mobile users to miss their intended visual impact. To avoid having your full-screen banners simply shrunk to size when viewed on a phone (standard responsive design), our sites display a completely different set of creative components specifically designed for the phone. TruResponsive means having to develop a separate version of every banner, but the results are absolutely worth it.

panoramic artwork

Stunning panoramic artwork

We don’t just crop monotonous stock photos and force them into panoramic spaces. We tastefully blend and retouch hand-selected images to create extraordinary artwork compositions that take your website to an entirely new level. Deep-workmanship banners not just on the home page but throughout the entire site. This labor-intensive and painstaking process results in an impressive and compositionally rich product, a captivating user experience at every turn, and significantly improved engagement.

Content guidance

Why hire a content writer when we make it this easy? We make the writing process simple and straightforward, and we do it in two different ways. First, every content section in your site includes a detailed explanation of the type of copy needed, what tone it should be written in, and its suggested word-count length. But that’s not all. If you happen to get stuck, our Project Managers stand ready to provide any guidance and recommendations you might need.

content management

Intuitive content management

WordPress was designed to be a simple platform to use. Unfortunately, because most web designers use pre-existing adaptable templates intended to support a wide variety of formats, content backends tend to include far more gizmos, levers, and pulleys than your site actually needs. Fortunately, we don’t use WordPress templates; we employ WordPress CMS technology…not the same thing. Our architecture-based implementation process means that your content backend ends up being clean, intuitive, and easy to learn and use.

Code optimization

Search engines have varying degrees of sensitivity to code inefficiencies, and in some cases, to certain plugins and APIs. Inefficient code can not only inhibit the ability of search algorithms to capture and index your content, it can also result in inconsistent performance across different devices. Understanding what to look for allows our programmers to optimize execution processes and preempt future rendering conflicts. Quality control due diligence is a top priority for us and the reason why our incident report rates are among the lowest in the industry.

Widely recognized as one of the most powerful and capable traffic and trend analysis tools in the market, Google Analytics provides you with an accurate and actionable picture of your site’s underlying performance. Parsing real-time data can help you better assess how your prospects are interacting with your site, what pages they are reading, and which they are bouncing right off from. This perspective will help you calibrate your messaging approach as well as the order in which content modules are presented.