Design differentiation

Design diferentiation

Workmanship that pushes the quality envelopeWorkmanship that pushes the quality envelope

It's not about cutting corners to reach price competitiveness; it's about delivering tangible value and superior usability.It's not about cutting corners to reach price competitiveness; it's about delivering tangible value and superior usability.

Over the last few years, price has played an ever increasing role in the purchase decision process. In an effort to meet key price points, our competitors have progressively removed a number of workmanship features from their products. One of the valuable features to commonly suffer this fate is Tree Master differentiation. By creating a single “master interior template” and replicating it systematically throughout the entire site, our competition is able to substantially reduce its project work effort. Although highly effective as a cost control strategy, the clearly evident downside of this approach is that it dramatically reduces the usability appeal and quality profile of the end-product. In the end, the client receives what is effectively a “templeted site” which, based on the persistently repetitive and tediously uniform nature of its visual presentation, inevitably leads to a deeply disengaging and uninspiring user experience.

By incorporating product features and workmanship standards seldom found in our price class, Markinson Satch continues to redefine value in an environment increasingly marked by mass production and quality compromises. Product features such as the implementation of a minimum of four (4) differentiated Tree Masters in each and every site we develop. These original design layouts not only enrich the visual diversity of the brand, they also help define the distinctive character of primary navigation sections. A website that feels different and fresh at every turn fosters a more inviting, captivating, and compelling user experience; a factor which directly influences conversion performance. To further enhance this experience, multi-staged flash animations are added to the home page and to every differentiated Tree Master; these in turn are supplemented through the placement of premium digital imagery at each individual cascading page. It is only when you peel the many layers of labored workmanship imbedded into each of our deliverables that you begin to appreciate the extraordinary competitiveness of our value model.