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Integrating the enterpriseIntegrating the enterprise

It's not about sharing the data; it's about empowering it.It's not about sharing the data; it's about empowering it.

Accessing, displaying, and managing data should be as easy to accomplish on a virtual platform as it is on an application server. Today's powerful virtual application and database technologies open possibilities that were hard to imagine just a few years ago. From improving business efficiencies through the implementation of advanced virtual information systems, to integrating on-line data systems that maximize workflow productivity and developing forward-thinking CRM and ERM solutions, our engineers can help your organization communicate, manage, and work more productively by leveraging the power of anytime / anywhere secure access to dynamic and real time data.

Web Applications
  • Is your company's CRM platform maximizing its workflow efficiencies?
  • Is your knowledge repository being leveraged to its fullest potential?
  • Are your decision processes benefitting from effective data mining?

As your business grows and evolves, so must your information governance model. If you are noticing the constrains of your existing database or workflow systems, or have identified specific opportunities to better leverage your firm's integration potential, Markinson Satch can help you migrate to a more rigorous, flexible, and intuitive enterprise platform. Our engineers stand ready to carefully analyze your current information architecture, test your systems, and provide you with a blueprint that lets you discover the possibilities and operational cost savings that can be attained through the implementation of combining superior information modeling with more adaptive virtual technologies. The web has proven itself as the most efficient and flexible data management and communications medium in existence. Migrating your enterprise access and collaboration functions unto this highly scalable and customizable ecosystem will help unleash your data's usability potential while dramatically enhancing its reference and decisional value.