Value Model

A value perspective that redefines the acquisition equationA value perspective that redefines the acquisition equation

It’s not about seeking the lowest price; it’s about understanding and leveraging best value.It’s not about seeking the lowest price; it’s about understanding and leveraging best value.

In an industry awash with price focused competitors, Markinson Satch continues to gain market share by understanding a fundamental business reality: experienced buyers seek domain expertise and acquisition value. With this perspective, and since inception, our firm has underpinned its business model on that very premise. Given that our specialized knowledge base is discussed in the expertise section, we’d like to share with you some of the many elements comprising our exceptional value equation.

  • Free Strategic Planning

    Our firm not only incorporates strategic planning as a core discipline of development; we employ it as the very cornerstone of brand formulation. Formulas founded not on assumption and conjecture, but rather on a foundation of diligent analysis, intelligent mapping, disciplined research, and educated perspective. Our unique and proprietary Strategic Planning Process (SPP), composed of seven (7) separate work modules, essentially transforms web design from an abstract art form into a formularized brand engineering science. By rationalizing purpose and methodizing approach, Markinson Satch accomplishes what few of its competitors can; to build intrinsic market performance into each deliverable.

    Free Strategic Planning
  • Free Content Management Integration

    To help you manage your evolving sales message, Markinson Satch delivers MS Manage; one of the most robust, adaptive, and capable content management platforms in use today. With features such as on-the-fly content manipulation, cross navigation banner management, advanced dynamic digital asset support, efficient CSS scaling, dynamic navigation and site map response, and an extraordinarily intuitive user interface, this business-grade platform delivers the command process capability needed to support complex content requirements while simultaneously providing complete ease of use. However, unlike the content platforms of competing firms, MS Manage doesn’t come with the burden of having to deal with monthly licensing fees. In par with every other value feature listed on this page, MS Manage is integrated into each of our sites completely free of charge and without any usage or time restrictions.

    Free Content Management Integration
  • Free Digital Images

    Markinson Satch endeavors to compete on the basis of an inclusive and comprehensive value model. As part of this model, our firm incorporates premium-grade digital images into its products completely free of charge. Images requiring the use of highly specialized sourcing banks (e.g. a specific industrial tool or process), comprise the only exception to this rule. Under these infrequent circumstances, the images in question are researched and acquired from subject appropriate sources and passed on to the client at cost. Given that our differentiation protocols and workmanship standards require the use of extensive digital asset support, in practice, our unconventionally equitable image policy can easily translate into hundreds of dollars in savings for our clients.

    Free Digital Images
  • Free Multi-Stage Flash

    Incorporating carefully and tastefully choreographed flash animations not only enriches the look and feel of a corporate website, it also notably increases conversion by delivering a compelling user experience. Markinson Satch incorporates a broad diversity of meticulously crafted multi-stage flash animations in every site we develop. Graceful, polished, elegant animations produced by specialized animators who carefully balance a broad range of aesthetic considerations to develop stimulating choreographies that impress without distracting the user. Despite the effort, time, and skill level employed in developing the full gamut of animations needed to complement each individual web project, Markinson Satch includes them at no additional charge.

    Free Multi-Stage Flash
  • Free Imbedded Google Search

    Integrated search technologies are clearly not created equal. To meet the rising demand for accurate and responsive site search capability, Markinson Satch now imbeds Google Site Search technology in every site we develop. Google Site Search uses some of the most advanced search algorithms in the market to quickly and efficiently locate, catalogue, and display data. This intelligent engine not only presents search results in order of relevance and in a format that is both actionable and easy to understand, it also provides the option of defining the scope of the search landscape. The implementation of Google Site Search as a standard feature* in our products demonstrates our continued commitment to strengthening our value model while delivering best-in-class platforms and solutions.
    * Markinson Satch covers $100 annual subscription fee for first year.

    Free Imbedded Google Search
  • Free Google Analytics

    Markinson Satch builds Google friendly sites, and as part of our comprehensive development approach, our engineers also imbed Google Analytics code in each site we deliver. Google Analytics is one of the most powerful and effective traffic and user trends metrics tools in the market. Among its broad array of powerful features, this diagnostic platform will allow your firm to carefully disseminate user navigation preferences to precisely determine which sections of your site are being visited with greater frequency, as well as diligently evaluate metrics on traffic sourcing and average browsing time. Data that not only provides your executive team with an accurate pulse of the site’s conversion performance, but also the frame of reference it needs to adapt the messaging strategy. With its wide array of advanced capabilities, this invaluable resource will rapidly become one of the most trusted market intelligence assets at your disposal.

    Free Google Analytics
  • Free Workmanship Warranty

    Our rigorous and inclusive QSA program works on two different levels. The first as a comprehensive quality control methodology to ensure that the most exacting production standards and practices are implemented and observed during development, and the second -once a project has been delivered- as a robust and comprehensive workmanship warranty. This warranty is very straightforward; in the event anyone in your organization comes across a workmanship defect in any part of the functional infrastructure of your new site within a full six (6) months of delivery, Markinson Satch will take any and all necessary steps to correct the issue at its own effort and cost. Through the implementation of our QSA program, Markinson Satch has created one of the most transparent and dependable acquisition environments in the industry.

    Free Workmanship Warranty
  • Free 6-Month Support

    Markinson Satch not only stands behind the workmanship of its deliverables with our exhaustive QSA program, we also reach far beyond industry practices by including the invaluable resource of ongoing technical support* on a complimentary basis during the full length of the six (6) month QSA coverage period. This support can be particularly useful if your company decides to replace its webmaster in the medium-term future, and as a result is faced with the task of training the incoming replacement without having a clear bearing on issues relating -as an example- to web architecture or content management.
    * certain limitations apply.

    Free 6-Month Support