Client Satisfaction SurveyClient Satisfaction Survey

It's not simply about striving to improve; it's about listening to the voices that matter most.It's not simply about striving to improve; it's about listening to the voices that matter most.

Client feedback is one of our company's most valuable resources. By paying careful attention to the opinions and ideas that our clients generously share with us, our group has made great strides and accomplished notable performance and quality gains in every area of operations. From the advancement of workmanship standards to the enhancement of development processes, our clients' contribu- tions have helped forge our product and service benchmarks and defined the very direction of our firm. Delivering outstanding client satisfaction and rising to higher levels of expectation remain our leading priorities. With your input, we can continue to improve the Markinson Satch experience and evolve into the type of company you, and others like you, can be confident to call upon in the future.

We value your participation

How did we do?

Please answer the first eight (8) questions by selecting one of the following options:

  • 11 Disappointing
  • 22 Below Average
  • 33 Acceptable
  • 44 Above Average
  • 55 Exceptional


  • 1-How would you rate our strategic approach to leveraging your company's competitive and operational dynamics?

  • 2-How would you rate our execution and fulfillment of the project's core communication and tactical objectives?

  • 3-How would you rate the conceptual strength and creative merit of the project's layout and design?

  • 4-How would you rate the structural integrity and efficiency of the project's functionality and code base?


  • 5-How would you rate the level of effort, dedication, and diligence of the professionals with whom you interacted?

  • 6-How would you rate the level of expertise of the Web Architect that planned and mapped your project?

  • 7-How would you rate the proficiency of the Project Manager that organized, coordinated, and supervised your project?

  • 8-How would you rate the competence of the creative and engineering teams that worked on your project?

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