Seasoned Talent

Talent standards that break industry moldsTalent standards that break industry molds

It's not about reducing labor costs; it's about recruiting the best available talent.It's not about reducing labor costs; it's about recruiting the best available talent.

Seasoned Talent Seasoned Talent

Web development and print design are some of the most price competitive fields in the marketing industry. As a result, an ever increasing number of creative firms have been driven to hire lower cost talent in an effort to control operating costs. These lesser-experienced professionals, commonly referred to in the industry as “Junior Designers”, are now found in the employment rolls of most web development and print design firms. The degree of their involvement in the creative process varies from firm to firm; however, because most studios tend to showcase their higher quality work, it is nearly impossible to ascertain just what portion of their projects are typically assigned to Junior Designers. Nonetheless, given the fact that -in an average firm- these entry level workers generally comprise the largest portion of the talent pool, it’s safe to say that the likelihood of their involvement in the creative process is rather high.

It stands to reason that with any artistic undertaking, experience and expertise play a fundamental role in the qualitative outcome of the work. Our decision to maintain creative and engineering teams exclusively comprised of senior-level talent has not only defined the product standards by which we have become known, it also evidences the depth of our commitment to ensure the dependability of that outcome. Markinson Satch upholds some of the most demanding recruiting standards in the industry when it comes to creative and engineering talent. Not only do we refrain from incorporating Junior Designers into our creative talent pool, we actually look for a minimum of seven (7) years of relevant experience as a base requirement for consideration. Enforcing these rigorous standards enables us to deliver products that not only meet best-in-class expectations, but also and far more importantly, that do so consistently with each and every project entrusted to us.