Print Design

Projecting a tangible presenceProjecting a tangible presence

It's not just about articulating your sales message; it's about reinforcing it throughout the sales process.It's not just about articulating your sales message; it's about reinforcing it throughout the sales process.

Let's face it; from lead generation to prospect qualification, needs analysis to proof of concept, and proposal to closing, B to B sales processes can be rather complex and lengthy. While a capable website is highly effective in projecting substance and establishing credibility during early stages of engagement (most critical), it simply cannot sustain the sales message throughout the entire process. As physical embodiments of this message, tangible print materials are specifically designed to secure a ubiquitous presence in the prospect's own work environment. By "being there" when your frontline can't, these invaluable tools persistently reinforce top of mind awareness and keep your core sales message front and center.

Print Design
  • Does your sales force work with compelling, capable, and strategically aligned print sales collaterals?
  • Do your current sales tools reaffirm your company's core value propositions, key differentiators, and primary competitive factors?
  • Is your organization projecting a cohesive brand and sales message across both online and print assets?

Being able to hand out effective , brand-consistent, and compelling print sales tools during one-to-one or group presentations, special events, and trade-shows will not only provide your frontline with a tremendous tactical advantage, it will help your company project an image of unequivocal substance and credibility. With its extensive understanding of the structural dynamics of B to B sales processes, Markinson Satch has established one of the most specialized and focused print collateral design practices in the country. A practice not only founded on extensive corporate branding expertise and perspective, but one where strategy and purpose continue to drive the creative process; consistently subordinating the concept of form to the priority of function.