Information Sourcing

Managing dynamic communicationManaging dynamic communication

It's not about accessing information; it's about channeling it.It's not about accessing information; it's about channeling it.

Information sourcing takes a carefully choreographed combination of skill and expertise. Generating, prioritizing, updating, and managing dynamic data for and from multiple information mills and knowledge repositories can prove to be a daunting task. Our custom-developed information management modules or open source adaptations can help organize the most chaotic information flow models while satisfying complex distribution protocols. Whether you need to implement news streaming, message board, publishing, or RSS functionality to your on-line publication, corporate site, portal, or Intranet, our team of talented engineers can develop and customize the precise content and information management tools for your specific needs.

Information Sourcing
  • Are your content prioritization parameters aligned with your communication objectives?
  • Are your information management tools strengthening your sourcing capabilities?
  • Are distribution protocols being effectively governed by your information flow models?

Markinson Satch believes that building effective information flow systems requires the implementation of a strategic approach that takes into account a broad spectrum of parameters including data selection, prioritization, sourcing, and dissemination protocols. For this reason, we approach every information management task by taking the time to understand the client's communication objectives, domain channeling needs, and audience segmentation requirements. Our open-standard approach and OS agnostic development disciplines insure that your information access, management, and channeling tools will not only meet your current needs, but will also seamlessly accommodate those awaiting your enterprise in the future.