E-Commerce Platforms

Enhancing platform performanceEnhancing platform performance

It's not about executing a transaction; it's about delivering an experience.It's not about executing a transaction; it's about delivering an experience.

Brick and mortar retailers have for decades recognized the value of managed environments, persistent branding, and tactical product presentation. Markinson Satch is a firm believer in these time tested principles, and has worked diligently to incorporate them unto the on-line retail experience. How you present a product, what up-selling and cross-selling efforts you make, and how you design the browsing and purchasing experience will have a direct bearing on the sales performance and profitability of your virtual retail or wholesale facility.

E-Commerce Platforms
  • Is your company delivering a compelling and engaging purchasing environment?
  • Are up-selling and cross-selling opportunities being properly and effectively leveraged?
  • Is your product inventory being reconciled with executed transactions on a real time basis?

Markinson Satch can not only help you generate a greater number of sales triggers and opportunities, we can also help you sustain higher margins and secure greater user loyalty. By designing platforms that deliver a more engaging, upscale, and interactive evaluation and acquisition experience, our talented web architects replace the art of the sale with the science of execution. Sales strategy modeling however, is only part of the equation. A viable e-commerce solution must also be grounded on a robust foundation of transactional security and inventory management functionality. Our engineers are committed to delivering solutions that not only strengthen sales metrics and improve management controls, but also provide the priceless peace of mind of knowing that they are backed by solid enterprise-grade encryption technologies.