Content Management

Managing an evolving messageManaging an evolving message

It's not about reactive site maintenance; it's about proactively shaping the corporate message.It's not about reactive site maintenance; it's about proactively shaping the corporate message.

The considerable cost of ongoing maintenance has made content management the most requested feature in web development. There are basically two ways in which developers approach content management; the first is by using one of many publically available Freeware solutions. The majority of smaller web development firms tap these readily accessible platforms because they require little or no proprietary development effort, but more importantly, because they are in essence free to use. Unfortunately, because most of these platforms were originally designed to help individuals and small businesses build and manage entry-level sites; as one would expect, they tend to fall considerably short of the more demanding content management requirements of slightly more evolved projects.

Content Management
  • Does your company have to rely on external providers to manage its online content?
  • Is your company able to independently scale its website to accommodate its evolving communications strategy?
  • Is your company relying on complicated authoring tools to support its content management needs?

For this reason, and despite the wide availability of free technologies, the larger and more established firms have and continue to invest heavily in the development of proprietary platforms. MS ManageTM, the content management platform Markinson Satch has brought to market, is one of the most robust, adaptive, and capable solutions in use today. With features such as on-the-fly content manipulation, cross navigation banner management, advanced dynamic digital asset support, efficient CSS scaling, dynamic navigation and site map response, and an extraordinarily intuitive user interface, this business-grade platform delivers the command process capability needed to support complex content requirements while simultaneously providing complete ease of use.