Assurance policies that build confidenceAssurance policies that build confidence

It's not simply about standing behind our products; it's about delivering true peace of mind.It's not simply about standing behind our products; it's about delivering true peace of mind.

Feeling confident with a procurement decision is as meaningful to the evaluation process as any key consideration factor. Markinson Satch believes that addressing the issue of developer responsibility in a proactive and accountable manner is the only way to deliver that confidence. We accomplish this with our rigorous and fully inclusive Quality Standards Assurance program or QSA. An initiative that pushes the envelope far beyond best-practices management and conscientious craftsmanship, it is also as its name suggests, a workmanship assurance program. A program, that not only stands firmly behind every component in every solution we provide, but one that expeditiously conveys effective, sound, and practicable remedies to any potential technical quality flaw or operability issue.

Our rigorous and inclusive QSA program works on two different levels. The first as a comprehensive quality control methodology to ensure that the most exacting production standards and practices are implemented and observed during development, and the second -once a project has been delivered- as a robust and comprehensive workmanship warranty. This warranty is very straightforward; in the event anyone in your organization comes across a workmanship defect in any part of the functional infrastructure of your new site within a full six (6) months of delivery, Markinson Satch will take any and all necessary steps to correct the issue at its own effort and cost. But it doesn't end there; our firm, reaching far beyond industry practices, also includes the invaluable resource of ongoing technical support* on a complimentary basis during the full length of the QSA coverage period. Through the implementation of our QSA program, Markinson Satch has created one of the most transparent and dependable acquisition environments in the industry, and in doing so, provided our clients the peace of mind they need to assuredly procure solutions ranging from the simplest marketing platforms to the most complex web applications.

* certain restrictions may apply.

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